School - Throughout the ages
Vadanappilli is a village on the western string of trissur, 18 km away from the capital town. During the early years, it was a part of Manappuram Island, belonging to Malabar. It then became a part of Nattika Revenue Furka of Ponnani Taluk. When reorganization of states established Kerala on Nov 1 1956, Ponnani Taluk was divided and newborn Chavakkad Taluk became a part of Trissur district. Vadanappilli is now a part of Manalur development block, under Chavakkad Taluk.

Becoming the center of quality education
Kerala government has started a new scheme called Nava Kerala Mission. Its aim is to bring up the quality of every government school. If this mission becomes a success, then our schools will be upgraded with international amenities. This mission ensures a strong connection between the society and students. There will be better facilities for students to boost their academic excellence.
This mission can impose a scientific method of teaching, thereby giving our children what they actually need. Unlike presenting some scattered facts and theories, children will be able to dive deep in to the phenomena and their practical applications. This will create a generation of students with global outlook and better understanding of the world and life. There will be equal opportunity for every student. Through this process, our children not only develops a strong will and knowledge to survive on this planet with ever increasing challenges, but also other qualities like perseverance, equality, fraternity, secular world view, etc... All these values are essential for a healthy democratic republic. The schools will provide only such environment and process that can ensure all these. There will also be a pre-planned training schedule for teachers. By giving training to teachers, we will be able to ensure the proper implementation of Nava Kerala Mission plans.