When the school started in 1904, thanks to the effort of Valiyakath Abbass Muthaliyar, it was a Muslim religious Educational Center. It then became Moplah LP school. In 1920, when Malabar Education Board was established, they took over the control of the school and renamed it as board school. The board acquired 60 cent land and built a temporary shed. Vykkattil Vasudevan Master was the first head master of this school, and there were three teachers along with him. Although boys are able to go to distant schools for higher education, girls did not had such luxury. It was then PTA president MM Haneefa and then head master Mr Shankara Narayanan decided to bring up school's status to that of a high school. Though they never had any necessary amenities, high school status was given in 1978. Due to the lack of such amenities, students used to come in shifts for the next 22 years. First high school head master was Prabhakaran master. In 2004, school was given higher secondary status, with an approval to conduct courses on science and commerce. Sujatha was the first principal. School has all the basic amenities now, thanks to the intervention of OSO, PTA, panchayat, and the dedication of MLA'S and MP's.In 2014, the 110'th anniversary was celebrated and tributes were given to the past achievements. From 2015, school is achieving 100% success rate in SSLC examination and high results are there for the higher secondary department also. Only a little more than 650 students are there now, where there were more than 1500 students during the early days. An incident happened in 1991 is said to be the cause of this gradual decline in enrolment. The sudden crave towards the English medium schools are also said to be a reason behind this. School still does't have a playground. However, today our school is gaining its glory back; thanks to the dedicated efforts of local people and related authorities.

Becoming the center of quality education Kerala government has started a new scheme called Nava Kerala Mission. Its aim is to bring up the quality of every government school. If this mission becomes a success, then our schools will be upgraded with international amenities. This mission ensures a strong connection between the society and students. There will be better facilities for students to boost their academic excellence. This mission can impose a scientific method of teaching, thereby giving our children what they actually need. Unlike presenting some scattered facts and theories, children will be able to dive deep in to the phenomena and their practical applications. This will create a generation of students with global outlook and better understanding of the world and life. There will be equal opportunity for every student. Through this process, our children not only develops a strong will and knowledge to survive on this planet with ever increasing challenges, but also other qualities like perseverance, equality, fraternity, secular world view, etc... All these values are essential for a healthy democratic republic. The schools will provide only such environment and process that can ensure all these. There will also be a pre-planned training schedule for teachers. By giving training to teachers, we will be able to ensure the proper implementation of Nava Kerala Mission plans.
A proposal is there to establish a biodiversity park on every campus. When this becomes a reality, the entire school campus will become a text book for learning. Through this process, students will be able to understand the nature up close. With the establishment of modern laboratories and libraries, learning will become fun. The habit of reading will increase. With the modernization of laboratories, every children in a class can simultaneously engage in experiments. Education will be job oriented, so the children will be able to identify their inner talents and select their own profession.
There will be counselling centers in every school. This will protect our children from unnecessary tensions and depressions. They will get training to encounter all the difficulties of life and move forward with a positive attitude. Whenever an emotional or social crisis comes, they will be well prepared to face them all. Extracurricular activities are given more importance in this study plan. Every children will have creative talents. It will be identified and nurtured. Also their physical talents will also be recognized. There will be sports training and competitions. This is not only helpful to create sports stars, but also helpful to improve the health of our next generation. Children who needs special care and attention, will be given proper importance. They will not be neglected and side-lined. With proper care, we can be sure that they will come to the main stream of social life.
Campaigns against liquor, smoking, littering etc... Along with environmental protection activities will be a part of the new system. All schools will be plastic free zones. When the school becomes self-sufficient with high-tech facilities, it will be easy to implement the plans of Nava Kerala Mission. Children will get knowledge through modern technological equipment. There will be modern buildings, new libraries, cafeteria, drinking water facility, and other basic amenities.